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To be an expert in wine, bourbon, or coffee you have to taste and smell…a lot! Sommeliers and master distillers spend years, if not their entire adult lives, immersed in their liquid of choice; coffee is no different. The complexity of flavors in coffee seem limitless and just one look at a coffee flavor wheel can be enough to overwhelm the average coffee drinker.

SCAA Flavor Wheel

That’s where events like “Sensory Overload” come in. The goal of the event was to introduce, discuss, and experience the different flavors and aromas that make up coffee, but in a very approachable way. The event organizer and host was Alex Meece, who is an engineer by day and coffee geek by night.

Alex started with some introductory slides and kicked off the tasting of fruits, honey, citrus, and chocolate. Attendees were then asked to describe aromas, flavors, and the mouth feel of all the different things they were tasting and smelling.


The event featured specialty coffees, which generally will have tasting notes to help you understand more about the coffee. These are influenced by origin, processing, roast profile, and freshness.

If you missed this event, you may not be entirely out of luck. As a result of the overwhelmingly positive reception to the event, we are looking at possibly having more in the future!


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