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Photo Courtesy of Saveur

FirstBuild recently attended the Saveur Summer Cookout at the Boat Basin Cafe in New York City. The event featured celebrity chefs from all around the country and many with restaurants in New York City. Each chef presented a dish to the event-goers who were eager to eat (and drink) the many things that the cookout had to offer.


It was a hot day in New York City and after people had a chance to sample some of the great food at the event, the drinks quickly became the focus. Situated close to the “Make Your Own Cocktail Bar”, the FirstBuild table had one very basic (yet refreshing) offering…nugget ice!


FirstBuild showed off a model of its Opal nugget ice maker, which is currently in the development phase at the microfactory in Louisville, KY. Samples of nugget ice were given out and many of the event’s attendees remarked on the chewability and refreshing qualities of the ice. There was also a raffle which generated a lot of interest; the winner of the raffle will receive one of the first Opal nugget ice makers in production.


Opal is still in its early stages and will be the subject of a crowdfunding campaign, which will launch on Indiegogo in late July. You can find out more about nugget ice, or stay up to date on all news pertaining Opal at!

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