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FirstBuild’s Makerspace is open to the community, which means we get to see a lot of great projects as they come to life! We hope this roundup of recent creations will inspire you to visit—and to make!

Cutting Board

Brad Hood made this beautiful end grain cutting board. Look too involved—or want to personalize a bunch for your whole shopping list? Consider engraving a name, quote or special date into a pre-purchased wooden, uncoated cutting board by using the Universal Laser in the Makerspace.

State Cutouts

Share your state pride by creating a wooden version, like Jake Moore did in a walnut rendition of Kentucky! This could make a great cutting board, the centerpiece of a year-round door wreath, or, if done on a smaller scale, ornaments for all the family and friends you’d like to convince to visit more often.

Vinyl Cutouts

Did you know 1B also has vinyl cutters available? Kim cut out these vinyl paint splatters to use in a decoration. When preparing for holiday gifting, think of all the monogrammed initials you could create!

Modern End Table

Lynn was inspired by a Pinterest post to attempt her first woodworking project at FirstBuild. Start now, and you could have one ready to surprise a lucky someone on your gift-giving list.

Bonus: Cocktails with Opal Nugget Ice

OK, these weren’t made in the FirstBuild Makerspace. But all this talk about holiday gift ideas has us wishing summer wouldn’t end—and these cocktails by The Weekend Mixologist (made with pineapple lemonade and, of course, Opal Nugget Ice) look like summer in a glass.

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