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The Easy Load Oven is a 30” free standing oven that has not one, but two oven cavities within the same unit. For many years, this style of cooking appliance was produced standard with only one large cooking cavity. Through our process of rapid innovation, the addition of slides to the upper cavity allows the door and rack assembly to both tip down as well as slide open for ease of loading and removal. Utilizing the processes of small scale production for quick adaptation and rapid deployment to market, the Easy Load Oven is being built in our micro-factory facility. Incorporating the same level of quality and attention to detail found in every GE product, our micro-factory is staffed with aspiring engineers from U of L, learning the process of converting and idea into a finished product.

Follow along in the video below as we show you how the Easy Load Oven is made.

Part 1: Building Oven Parts

Part 2: Assembling Ovens

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