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By Michael DiLauro

As we progress with development of the the home pizza oven, we need to try out as many pizza recipes and types as possible. Along the same lines, we need to have a variety of people use the oven, from the home cooking enthusiast to the professional pizzaiolo, to get feedback from different points of view. We recently had the opportunity to get feedback from a professional pizzaiolo, when Dante Mirafiore cooked with the oven for a few days in early December. In this photo Dante is talking us through the steps that go into making a perfect pan pizza or pizza al taglio.


Dante Mirafiore grew up in an Italian family, helping to cook while he was home and working in his father’s Italian restaurant. He started making New York Style and Sicilian pizza when he was 15 years old and that led him on the path to the Culinary Institute of America(CIA). After graduating from the CIA, Dante went onto work in some of the most well known restaurants in New York and California, two of those being Franny’s in Brooklyn and Chez Panisse in Berkeley CA. Both Franny’s and Chez are known for their wood fired ovens and wood fired pizza.  At these restaurants Dante learned about simplicity and how to showcase the products.



Dante is known for his expertise in dough making, stretching and coming up with very tasty topping combinations. Knowing Dante is experienced in wood fired pizza, we were anticipating his feedback on our Neapolitan setting, which produces wood fired oven results with a similar two minute bake. From the first pie, Dante was impressed and noted how easy the oven is to use and that it eliminates the little things you need to pay attention to with a wood fired oven. Dante shared with us recipes for Neapolitan, New York and Pan pizza styles which we will incorporate into our testing and eventually into recipes and settings for the oven.

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We are excited that Dante will be joining us for the home pizza oven product launch at the Kitchen & Bath Show in Las Vegas. Dante will be providing demos throughout the show days, making dough and pizza in the booth and cooking for the media event on the first day of the show.

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