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This past weekend, FirstBuild participated in “The Great Paella Cook Off”, hosted by the Americana Community Center. Paella is Spanish rice dish that is typically served loaded with seafood and vegetables. There are other acceptable variations that include chicken, chorizo, rabbit, and other meats. Paella requires quite a bit of skill to make and is still relatively new to the FirstBuild team. Nonetheless, we decided to take a crack at it for a good cause!

The event, which was held at Louis’s the Ton in Louisville, was attended by roughly 100 hungry event goers. Each individual got to cast a vote for the paella they thought was the best; all culminating in a winner being chosen at the end.

We relied on the guidance of Gustavo Abadia-Perez, a local paella aficionado, to help us come up with a delicious paella. He worked with us in the run up to the event, in order to help us developĀ a solid foundation to build on when it came time to actually show off our skills live. Unfortunately for us as competitors, but fortunately for all of the tasters, Gustavo was also a participant in the paella cook off. He prepared a more traditional version of paella while we went with a more non-traditional set of toppings.

With a lot of energy, preparation, sweat, and help from Gustavo, we were able to secure second place in the cook off (falling short by just two votes). Gustavo, our mentor, took home the top prize!

Below are some hunger-inducing pictures from the event as well as the awesome stand that our 1B technicians built with just a day’s notice before the event:

IMG_4061IMG_4062IMG_4070IMG_4063 IMG_4066IMG_4069 IMG_4072

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