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By Scott Tarr

On Monday we started testing our latest Opal prototype.  Here you can see it running with the top removed and a GoPro camera capturing the action.  There is a lot of excitement at FirstBuild around this product.  Over the holidays we started making the production tooling to mass-produce Opal.


While making ice in January may seem strange, we are making sure we stay on schedule for July shipment.  So when the weather turns hot, you can stay cool.


We also did some melt rate testing that allowed us to see just how long the ice stayed in the bucket before it dripped back into the reservoir. See more about our testing here:

One thought on “Opal Update Jan 8 + Melt Rate Test

  1. The Opal Nugget Ice Machine is amazing. The ice nuggets are perfect and keeps making ice at just he right pace for our family of 5. The melt rate is surprisingly slower than I expected. A full bin of ice with ambient temperature at 74 degrees F is still full when I wake up in the morning with very little gone. I’d purchaser this again without hesitation. The quality of the manufacturing and the prep for shipping / product packaging is top of the line. I am super impressed.

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