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Nick Allen, the winner of the Cold Brew Coffee Challenge, visited us at FirstBuild this week as part of his prize for winning the challenge. He met with our industrial design team and discussed the design of the upcoming Prisma Cold Brew Coffee Maker. The second and third place teams from the design competition were also on hand to discuss how we can collaborate moving forward. Learn more about the winner, Nick Allen, and see what his impressions of FirstBuild were.


Where did you go to school?
University of Washington, class of 2015

Have you started looking for a job?
I recently accepted an offer for an industrial design role from a company in the bay area that I will start in a few weeks.

What is your degree in? 
Bachelor of Design, with a focus in Industrial Design.

How did you discover the Cold Brew Coffee Challenge?
Via an IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America) email newsletter on March 10th. It was a small link that thankfully grabbed my attention.

Were you a cold brew coffee drinker before entering the challenge?
I was aware of cold brew, but I honestly had not tried it.

Have you gotten more into cold brew coffee since you won the challenge?
Absolutely. I am a diehard now.

What is your impression of FirstBuild?
It’s really incredible to be honest. The collaborative maker culture that they have created is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Everyone here is super passionate about their own work and even more excited to hear about / help out with the many other projects happening within the community. The space itself is a dreamland for any maker. There is access to every high end prototyping machine and experts of all kinds available for mentorship. I will gladly promote FirstBuild to anyone who inquires.

What are some of the key things you’ll take away from this whole experience?
I have become fascinated by FirstBuild’s modern business model to rapidly produce products via crowdfunding to validate its ideas. The idea that being first to market can be more valuable than waiting for a patent is very exciting. I am looking forward to the continued collaboration between myself, the other winners and FirstBuild as we continue to refine Prisma. It is truly an amazing experience to work with a diverse team located throughout the US and even internationally (Louisville, Cincinnati, San Francisco and Germany).


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