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Temperature control is something we’re pretty fond of at FirstBuild. Our Paragon Induction Cooktop allows the user to precisely control the temperature of their food and even do highly-precise methods of cooking, like sous vide. But, even with all of this control, we still felt like there was something missing…something more we could do.

That’s where the Paragon Mat comes in! It’s still in its development phase but it’s something we’re pretty excited about. Have you ever wondered why you bake at a precise temperature but when it comes to stovetop cooking, you only have a scale of numbers like 1-6 that don’t really mean much and┬ámake you guess as to what setting to cook your food at? Well, the Paragon Mat eliminates the guesswork. There are tons of potential applications for the mat, but we wanted to share a very simple and relatable one to start with; a classic breakfast food…pancakes!

Let us know what you think below, or just tell us what you’d see yourself using the mat for:


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