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Who is Taylor B?

By Taylor B

“What type of engineering did you study,” they always ask, and I pull out the answer, “I’m an artist.”

Graduated from UofL in 2015 with degrees in Fine Art and Humanities

I can draw anything from cars to life-size people, using an awkwardly large sheet of paper, any pencil you throw my way, and my imagination for source material

Growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut, and I would hang upside down on the monkey bars to 1) get away from the crazy boys and 2) pretend like I was in anti-gravity simulations training for a trip to the moon

At 1B, I am in the business of translating ideas into something you can hold in your hand, use to improve your mechanical epiphany, or install on your next rocket to space (take me with you)

Every day, I wake up our half-million dollar laser and melt metal shapes out of steel sheets, bend it just right, and maybe add a dab of welding . . . or two dabs, and possibly powder paint it . . . just depends on how we’re feeling that day


From my recently read list: Dostoevsky’s The Brothers K, Ephesians in the Bible, Particle Physics and Quantum Mechanics research papers/books, bits of the AMADA Laser manual, and Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

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