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FirstBuild attended the annual Maker Faire in San Francisco earlier this month. Maker Faire is essentially a hybrid of a science fair, county fair, and gathering of makers. Whether it’s wearable tech, appliances, small gadgets, robots, or even Legos…you will find it at MakerFaire. FirstBuild showed off a couple of products that are unique and new to the market.

The first product on display was the ChillHub refrigerator. ChillHub allows you to have USB powered accessories in your refrigerator. The community has already developed a few accessories for the fridge, like the MilkyWeigh. The MilkyWeigh is a USB powered scale that (when you keep your milk on it) can send you notifications whenever you are running low on milk, or you can just open the app and check the level of milk you have at any time. The goal for ChillHub, is to create a large ecosystem of accessories so that the consumer can pick and choose which features they want in their own refrigerator.

The second product was a countertop nugget ice maker called “Opal”. Opal is unique because currently, nugget ice makers are industrial-sized and generally cost a couple thousand dollars. Opal hopes to change that, by allowing you to have nugget ice in a countertop-sized (and much more affordable) ice maker.

All in all, the Firstbuild team got a great response when it came to both products and even got to see a lot of the cool things that Maker Faire had to offer.o

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