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Author: Sabrina Hannah

Putting in some extra hours in the evenings or on weekends isn’t so bad when the task you’re asked to do is field test the Monogram Pizza Oven; in fact, it’s quite nice. Pizza night at our house isn’t a new thing, we used to do it about once a month. My three boys enjoy shaping their own pizzas and choosing their toppings (sometimes motivated by flavor and sometimes by design goals).


We used to use our GE front control range to cook the pizzas and we certainly turned out some really great pizzas from it. I’d arrange the Baking Steel in the oven and preheat that for a good while. Then once the steel was good and hot and a pizza was ready, slide it in and switch the oven to broil, then keep a close eye on it until the top looked just right, then check the bottom to see if it needed more time back in bake mode for that to crisp up, and maybe move it to a lower rack while the bottom crisped so I could start a second one close to the broil. So there was a lot of pressing buttons, opening the door to peak, checking and adjusting to get just the result I was looking for. There was also a lot of waiting on the kids part until it was their turn to make their pizza. Now that we have the Monogram pizza oven we have pizza night almost every week! The speed and consistency with which the pizza oven turns out great pizzas definitely makes it a more pleasant and more weeknight friendly experience. There’s no need to switch between modes and the pizzas cook much faster; which means everyone gets a chance to make a pizza and eat it before I’m tired of babysitting the oven.


It’s also been such fun for entertaining. Pizza night with my standard range was not something I typically did for dinner parties. The need to adjust the oven while cooking to get the outcome I wanted, and the variation in cook times, made it more work then I’d want to be doing while trying to catch up with friends. But now it’s an easy go-to dinner party plan. We know we can rely on the oven timer and that we won’t need to adjust anything while we are cooking, and our friends enjoy sliding their own pizzas in and out of the oven. We usually hope for left over pizza dough from these get togethers so we can throw in a Stromboli or garlic knots the next day.



As much as I love cooking pizzas in the pizza oven, I might like it even more for flat breads. Pita bread and naan have been favorites of ours for quite a while, but were not something I made that often. Now with the pizza oven, they’ve been appearing (and disappearing) at our dinner table much more frequently.



Sabrina has a PhD in Food Science and is a Principle Engineer in the GE Appliances, a Haier Company, Cooking Products Group.  She spends her weekdays developing cooking appliances at Appliance Park, and every now and then also gets to come play with cooking appliances at First Build. 


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