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Can’t make it to the track? Bring the Derby home.

It’s easy to bring the Derby to your home. Follow these five easy steps to recreate the most exciting two minutes in sports, from the comfort of your own home.

Step 1: Decorations

If the winning horse gets showered with flowers, your party should be decorated with flowers too! From roses to lilies, you can’t go wrong. Decorate your tables, your snacks and most importantly, your drinks.

Step 2: Drinks

What’s a derby party without a mint julep? And what’s a mint julep without Opal Nugget Ice? Switch out the bourbon with iced tea or lemon juice to make this mint julep perfect for designated drivers and the little ones.

Step 3: Snacks

A fed guest is a happy guest! Don’t forget to grab a derby pie, bourbon balls, Kentucky BBQ and more. Make your derby party a hit with Kentucky classics.

Step 4: Dress Code

Is a derby party really a derby party without a seersucker suit and an oversized hat? Dress to impress with an awesome outfit that makes you feel like you’re actually at Derby.

Step 5: The Game

…and of course, the Derby! Have the race on loud and clear so that all of your guest can experience the most exciting two minutes in sports!


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