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We’ve been working with several utility companies around the country to help them investigate potential new ways to save energy for their customers and also experiment with ways to manage and control the demand of the grid.

Turns out the GE Geospring Water heater is a perfect candidate for this type of projects because it is three times more efficient than a standard electric water heater and it can be controlled remotely. This is significant when you consider that water heaters are the second highest energy users in U.S households!

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We have created a modified Geospring Water Heater with additional sensors that measure multiple temperatures in the tank and water flow. These units will help utility companies asses the positive impact of deploying more heat pump water heaters in their regions.

This week we helped Hawaii Energy install the first batch of GeoSpring units in their customer’s homes and the response has been great! These are some pictures of an installation at Tricia and Matthews’ house.




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