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Keeping freshly washed laundry off the floor has been on the minds of FirstBuild community members for a while!

Whether it’s to prevent clean clothes from landing on a dirty basement floor or to assist those who have trouble reaching all the way down, the Laundry Catcher is an example of the kind of useful innovation FirstBuild brings to life.

Co-creating The Laundry Catcher

On the FirstBuild website, community members first pitched ideas for laundry shelves that fold out, flip up, hold baskets—even one that had electrical outlets for an iron!

The shelf idea grew legs once a team of University of Louisville engineering students took it on as their capstone project. The fold-out shelves were traded for a push-in fabric landing—one that nests close to the washer or dryer when not in use.

University of Louisville student Russell Whittaker was part of the team that worked on the final design for the laundry catcher prototype.

When the laundry shelf became ready to produce, 1B looked again to the community. Each Laundry Catcher fabric landing was sewn by staff at DSI Services, a nonprofit organization in Columbus, Indiana, that provides services for adults and children with mental, physical, and emotional disabilities.DSI Services employee

The Laundry Catcher’s small-batch production will be offered for sale exclusively through FirstBuild’s website. It’s a great example of co-creation, and we hope you enjoy the product!

FirstBuild Laundry Catcher

FirstBuild Laundry Catcher


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