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The “Hotel Room of the Future” challenge has finally come to a close. After receiving dozens of submissions and spending countless hours evaluating each and every idea, our judges (with the help of community voting) have come to a conclusion.

The future of the hotel room is here, and the winners of the 21C/FirstBuild “Hotel Room of the Future” challenge are as follows:

3rd Place

Wonderful Amazing Magnificent HotelĀ 

By Andrew R

2nd Place

Hello Penguin

By Gresham Smith and Partners

1st Place

Experience of the Future

By Josh Beatty and Michael Casto

Once again, we’d like to extend a special thanks to everyone who played a role in the “Hotel Room of the Future” challenge; from the participants to the judges to the voters, this challenge wouldn’t have been possible without you. Stay tuned for a more in-depth feature of the winners behind the entries!

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