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Hack the Smart Home with Renesas Microcontroller Solutions!

Innovate and accelerate at Mega Hackathon 2018 with the latest MCU development kit from Renesas. The Renesas Synergy™ Platform, with the Synergy S5D9 MCU Pillar Board and WiFi Module, is an easy-to-use, complete, and qualified development platform to help you develop sensor applications and connect the smart home.Renesas

How can the Renesas Synergy Platform help you design a new product at Mega Hackathon? Here are some key features of the platform to inspire your creativity:

  • Synergy S5D9 Arm® Cortex M-4 MCU chip with 2MB of Flash and 640KB of RAM
  • External 32MB of QSPI Flash on the board
  • WiFi (Pmod™), Ethernet, USB, Grove, and Arduino connections
  • Color graphics with a TFT/LCD controller and a 2D drawing engine
  • Plethora of built-in sensors for sound, air quality, temp, positioning, and vibration
  • Qualified software with common APIs via the SSP (Synergy Software Package)
  • Easy-to-use development tools and kits
  • Cloud-based dashboard customization for AWS, Google or Azure


You can start developing your code right away! We include RTOS, middleware, communication stacks, and detailed MCU functions as part of the Renesas Synergy Platform. To get started, go to the Synergy Gallery to register to access all the tools and documentation necessary to bring your ideas to life at Hackathon.

The Renesas on-site application team will have the Synergy Platform Installer available on USB Flash Drives at Hackathon, or you can download before the event. Either way, please sign up on the Gallery and download the SSP Users’ Manual to expedite your Synergy Hackathon Experience.

Renesas will offer 24-hour on-site applications support for the entire event, so see you at Mega Hackathon 2018!  Have some fun, and win some great prizes!

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