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Beau Muniz has been working on a really cool drink holder that can be inserted in your fridge to add some versatility to your storage situation. You can store your egg nog, or the wine for your Christmas dinner, in a neat and elevated place so it doesn’t take up valuable shelf space.


It can hold full wine bottles, beer bottles, and beer cans (as shown below).

Check it out and tell us if you’d want one. If you don’t want one, let us know why not! We want your feedback.

rack-beer rack-beer2 rack-cans rack-cans2 rack-wine rack-wine2

5 thoughts on “Fridge Drink Shelf

  1. My foremost concern is the ergonomics for universal design and mutligenerational use. How are the actual ergonomics of the side insert and removal, especially of the heavier wine bottles. Without knowing the limitations on design for attachment, is there any value to attaching shelf to back wall instead?

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