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We’ve recently been doing some work on the website that we hope will improve the user experience. You may have already noticed some of the new features, but we wanted to give you a brief explanation about the improvements that we’ve made.

The first change we’ve made is the addition of a search bar within the co-creation section of the website; this makes for easier and more accurate search results because it searches the co-creation segment of the website, rather than the entire website.


The next feature we’ve added is the “Call-to-action” feature, which helps us communicate what our most pertinent and immediate needs are regarding a specific project. We just create a “call-to-action”, like the one you see below, and wait for your input! We hope this feature will make it easy for our community members to identify which specific needs should be addressed in order to move the project forward.


The next feature is the Project Management feature, which makes it clear which FirstBuild employees are connected to the particular project. Also, we added a similar feature, which identifies the “Top Contributors” to a project; which as you can see below, can be FirstBuild employees or community members.

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Activity streams have also been added to projects so that it is much easier to find exactly what you are looking for. It consolidates the “Explore” section and the “Discussion” section into one concise stream of information. This is a great place to find out what the most recent activity on a particular project has been, regardless if it’s a full project update or just a simple discussion post.


…and last, but not least, a long overdue feature is the ability to add multiple pictures to the product page. The Gallery feature allows us to upload multiple pictures so we can provide a simple, visual update as the project moves from idea to prototype to project.


So, those are the latest features added to the platform. Let us know what you think!

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