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In September 2014, we launched the Green Bean at MakerCon NYC giving you an interface board that will let you program and control your own GE Appliances. At that time we announced what would soon be called the Crate Hack, an opportunity to partner with makerspaces to help find innovative new ways of interacting with home appliances.

In early 2015 we followed up with the launch of the ChillHub smart refrigerator. In line with the launch, we are excited to begin working with 6 different makerspaces across the US to develop peripherals for our ChillHub smart refigerator with innovative groups who not only know what they want out of a refrigerator, but also have the technical knowledge to hack a fridge themselves with the right tools!

Hacklab North Boynton (Boynton Beach, FL)

We chose to work with Hacklab North Boynton because of their interest in working with inventory management and spoiler alerts in refrigerators. Established in 2013 as the first public makerspace in South Florida, Hacklab North Boynton has attracted strong support from their community. The lab is financially supported by local government and businesses to provide as much educational and economic impact as possible for nearby families, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs. Hacklab North Boynton is operated by parents, engineers and community leaders who recognize the value of “learn by doing” and has set out to create the ultimate engineering sandbox.

Mamaroneck High School Computer Science and Engineering Lab (Mamaroneck, NY)

Mamaroneck High School was chosen for their enthusiasm toward bringing hands-on innovation into the classroom. Their interests in Crate Hack are centered around creating temperature variations for different components of a refrigerator.

Quelab (Albuquerque, NM)

Quelab is Albuquerque’s hackerspace. Their mission is to foster and sustain an environment that promotes creativity, invention, and collaboration at the intersections of science, culture, art and technology. They were selected because of their interest in energy experiments and monitoring traffic flow of their makerspace with a refrigerator.

Fairfield County Makers Guild (Fairfield, CT)

Fairfield County Makers’ Guild(FCMG) is a non-profit, membership-based community workshop and fabrication studio located in Norwalk, Connecticut that fosters innovation and creation by providing access to specialized tools and equipment to enable its members to turn their ideas into reality. FCMG’s mission is to establish a vibrant community of makers, inventors, tinkerers, hobbyists, and artists and a culture of learning and sharing with one another. They were chosen for their interest in cloud reporting for tracking perishable foods as well as looking into low-temp notifications.

The Maker Station (Marietta , GA)

The Maker Station is a recently formed makerspace in Marietta, Georgia. We serve Marietta, Georgia, Cobb County, as well as the surrounding areas North West of Atlanta. We officially started operations in July 2014 with formal acceptance of the name and sale of our first membership. Our vision is to be a leading contributor in the maker community by providing tools, instruction, and a creative environment for all ages in order to foster the do-it-yourself spirit embodied by the maker movement. They were chosen for their interest in using a smart refrigerator for various fermentation processes and creating special types of ice.

LVL1 Hackerspace (Louisville, KY)

Our Crate Hack could not be complete without including our local makerspace that was created years before FirstBuild and continues to be a partner. They are an open community lab and workshop democratically operated by its membership.
LVL1 is friendly community of tinkerers, makers, engineers, educators, scientists, artists, hackers and overall geeks. Anyone who is, aspires to be, or just wants to hang around smart, creative, friendly mad scientist maker/hacker Louisvillians is welcome at LVL1! They’ve got lots of cool tools and equipment and lot of really bright and creative people who like to work on (and show off) fun and challenging technical projects.

How can you get involved?

See what the teams are working and add your comments on our
ChillHub Project Page!

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