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Paragon test units came in earlier this month and they were immediately put to work. Several members of the FirstBuild staff have taken home Paragon Induction Cooktops in order to field test the product and give feedback. The in-home testing phase is meant to flush out any potential bugs and ensure that all of our backers & customers get a quality product.

Personally, I am most excited about making a perfectly cooked steak. When I was handed a Paragon to take home and test, needless to say, I went straight for the meat aisle of the supermarket and picked up two 1.75 inch filets. The following is my experience with Paragon:


I started by plugging in my Paragon and pairing the probe to the cooktop (just hold the power button for three seconds).


I seasoned my steaks with salt and pepper and let them sit as I found a couple of zip-lock bags.


Then I fired up the FirstBuild app and found my Paragon. Within the app, I found the option for steak (chose my steak’s thickness and desired doneness) and clicked “continue”.






Once the water had reached the desired temperature the cooktop (and the app) let me know it was ready to begin cooking. I added thyme, butter, and a few garlic cloves to my zip lock bag.


I then submerged the two bags in the water bath and let it cook for a little over an hour.




After removing the steaks for the zip-lock bags, I seared the steaks in a pan with butter and thyme. I then served them with some potatoes and asparagus that I also prepared (since I didn’t have to worry about constantly checking on my steak).

Here were the results…it was a perfectly cooked medium steak and it was delicious.



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