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This week we built a control demo box that demonstrates how the LED touch interface will work on Opal. The objective is to clearly communicate to the team what the different modes mean, and make it easy for Ricky (electrical engineer), Bill (software engineer), Jarvis (Industrial designer), Scott, Alex, and I (mechanical engineers) to make quick changes and optimize the design.

As an engineer I find it very rewarding to work with a cross-functional team to design and build something (anything) in a short period of time. If you have participated in a Hackathon you would know what I mean. Here at FirstBuild it feels like we are running a nonstop Hackathon, which makes it pretty fun! Having access to great tools has been crucial to allow the team to design, build, iterate and learn fast. In particular I like all the CNC machines (Computer Numerical Control). These machines take instructions from a computer to accurately subtract or add material. To build the demo box we used almost every CNC machine at FirstBuild. Check out the video and the pictures below.



Arduino Micro controller, CNCed PCB board soldered to the LEDs


3D Printed box, sheet metal cut on the water jet and laser, light diffusers machined on a CNC mill


Light diffuser machined on a Tormach CNC mill


Assembly of ring and PCB board


Finished box93bd54f11678b8f1fe6efa3cafe86dbd.jpg

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