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By Guy Tedesco

My name is Guy Tedesco. I’m a sculptor, fine artist, and designer living and working in the Louisville area.   I’m fortunate to have work in many parts of the world, 8 different countries, many cities and states in the USA, and a piece in private offices in the Vatican.

I’ve been working with 1Build recently on a large commission for Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church in St. Matthews. I’ve been using the water jet cutting system to cut nearly 1.5 tons of bronze plate into the many small parts that I’ll need to construct the structural portion of a forged bronze and cast glass sculpture for their centennial celebration. The finished sculpture will be 25’ tall, 12’ wide at it’s widest point, and will weigh nearly 4 tons when complete. It will be installed in the front lawn of the Church on Browns Lane and will be highly visible to all traffic. The sculpture is set in a memorial garden for which I did the preliminary design work.

To say that the facility, staff, and creatives at 1Build have been a pleasure to work with at every turn would be a gross understatement. Being in complete control of the process has been invaluable. The facility is first rate, extremely well run, and the staff has been overwhelmingly accommodating and welcoming. More than I could’ve hoped for. I’ve had several assistants working with me on this project and they all agree completely. I’ve recommended 1Build very highly to several of my friends in the art world. I’m currently in the planning stages of several more large, exciting projects and hope to continue this great, symbiotic relationship with 1Build far into the future.


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