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Last weekend we attended Coffee Fest in Dallas, TX and we took the Prisma Cold Brew Coffee Maker with us. Justin Brown, the lead on the cold brew project, and other FirstBuild staff members traveled down to show off our cold brew and put it up against other innovative projects in the coffee industry.


Justin sat down and told us all about his experience and how Prisma was received by the Coffee Fest attendees:

What is Coffee Fest?

Coffee Fest is viewed by most as the best trade show both nationally and internationally. It is specifically for those involved with retailing coffee, tea and related products. It continues to evolve and stay at the forefront of emerging trends.

If it looks like coffee, smells like coffee, goes well with coffee or is coffee, you are guaranteed to find it at Coffee Fest. 

Why was it important to be at Coffee Fest?

We needed to reveal our product at Coffee Fest to gain the approval of some of the best and pickiest customers in the coffee industry. Their approval of the Prisma Cold Brew Coffee Maker was a true testament to what Firstbuild’s community is capable of.

What was the response to Prisma?

Prisma is new and changes the game for cold brew by making it accessible to consumers in a way that fits into their lives. It all came down to taste. Winning awards for Best New Product and People’s Choice makes a statement to the quality of the coffee that Prisma can make. People were amazed at tasting our cold brew and hearing that it only took 10 minute shocked them. 

Was there anything similar to Prisma at the show?

There was nothing else like Prisma at the Coffee Fest. There were other cold brew devices there and a lot of cold brew but nothing that brewed it in 10 minutes.

Aside from Prisma, what were the coolest things that happened at the show?

There were two things that were really cool. We gave a woman coffee and she literally cried tears of joy when we gave it to her; that was definitely unexpected. We also had a guy show up as we were beginning to tear down and said, “I saw you on the news and came to Coffee Fest today just to see it”, those kinds of things make us feel good about the product that we’re developing.



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