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CNET recently reviewed our very own Paragon Induction Cooktop and while we were certainly confident in our product, none of us really expected the rating it was awarded with. We initially launched Paragon as a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, with a goal of raising $50,000. Almost immediately after our campaign started, we hit our goal. Our campaign ended 30 days later with over $350,000 in funds raised.

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Just one year later, our product went from a dream to a reality. It arrived in the homes of all of our Indiegogo backers and other purchasers. It also began to receive media attention and quickly began garnering positive reviews. Paragon’s score of 8.3 (on CNET), is the highest score that a sous vide device has ever gotten.

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CNET also went on to post a video review on their Facebook page, which received over 24k views. They also did a live cooking demonstration on Paragon and that received over 20k views. Needless to say, Paragon has come a long way and we want to thank everyone who supported the project and eventually the product. It is people like you who allow us to continue innovating and bringing unique products to like.

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Bon Appétit!

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