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If you’ve followed the progress of our pizza oven, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been making a lot of Neapolitan-style pizzas. But this week, we decided to venture out and try our hand at making perhaps the most polarizing style of pizza there is…Chicago Deep Dish!


Since this was our first attempt as Chicago Deep Dish, we had a bunch of different variables to test, including: type of dough, toppings, oven temperature, and type of pan. We started with a cast iron pan and basic toppings; cheese and sauce.


After taking the first pie out of the oven, we realized our temperature settings weren’t were they needed to be. We also realized that our first batch of dough was not ideal and needed some work. So, we tried a different dough for our next pizza and a cast iron pan once again.

The next pizza came our slightly better than the previous one and we could tell we were getting closer to finding an accurate temperature profile. The taste of the second pizza was also an improvement over the first.

The next day, we decided to pivot and use the most traditional pan used in Chicago deep dish…the steel pan.


We also got a little more adventurous with the toppings, by adding pepperoni to one and an entire layer of sausage to another; oh, and we didn’t forget about the peppers and onions.


By the time we were done with this batch of pizzas, we could tell we were getting closer to what we were looking for. In the week leading up to our pizza experiments, one of our engineers & community managers, Justin Berger, took a trip to the Windy City and sampled some of the best deep dish the world has to offer.IMG_3402.JPG


Despite the testing we’ve already done, we still have a lot of testing left to do and we want your help. Let us know if you have a Chicago deep dish recipe that you’d like us to try or any tip you may have.

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