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This week we had the honor of having Chef Jon, from the Monogram Center in Chicago, here at FirstBuild to test out the pizza oven for the first time. Jon has experience making pizza at home but we wanted to see how he’d do with the power and versatility that our pizza oven has to offer.


After the first pizza was made (a traditional Margherita), he said he was amazed by the power of the oven, as well as the results that we were able to achieve. So Chef Jon decided to take a crack at it and decided to make a Bacon & Mozzarella pizza.


He tended to the oven himself and after one minute, a quick rotate of the pizza, and about thirty more seconds, the pizza was ready.


On this day, we stuck with Neapolitan style pizzas and Chef Jon seemed very impressed by the results we were able to achieve in our indoor, electric, ventless pizza oven. But we’re still hungry for more! The chef’s visit from the Windy City has inspired us to try to make Chicago deep dish pizza in our oven; something we’ve never tried before.

Do you have a favorite pizza place in Chicago? Let us know and we’ll see if we can recreate that same style of pizza. Join the conversation here!

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