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By Taylor Beisler
With walls spattered with colored laser-cut string art and machined works of dot-matrices hung in a row, FirstBuild for the first time stepped into the once unknown waters of the Louisvillian trolley hop last Friday. Doors opened at6pm, and it seemed like a normal business day gone hackathon. Thankfully, as normal trolley hops do, the groups began trickling in waves, from places like Iowa, Texas, California, Florida, all experiencing our art with a dash of science. Talk of makerspaces across the country mingled in the lobby and took tours of the creativity behind the walls. Reflective of the art, conversation drew to how set systems (digital, structural) may actually confine creativity, while it is the job of the individual (you, me) to make use of our innovative know-how and, like the old adage says, break out of the box.
Dana Potter, one of our exhibition artists, explained the night this way: “I think it went splendidly and drew a good crowd too. I think for my first MAPC exhibition (And first FirstBuild exhibition) I couldn’t be more excited!”
It was due to the collaboration between UofL’s Hite Art Institute, FirstBuild, and the national printmaking council (Mid-America-Printmaking-Council) that this exhibition came to be. We look forward to hosting more events like this in the future while bringing more creativity and color to our ecosystem at 1B. Stay tuned!
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