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A few weeks ago, we launched the first phase of the App Enabled Home Challenge. The challenge centered on defining the interface and hardware standard for the home of the future. We received some great entries but, since this is a challenge, winners had to be chosen. The winners, as chosen by the FirstBuild community and staff, are as follows:

3rd place: $500


@kulkarniniraj14 lives in India and has worked as a software engineer but is currently looking into getting into the startup world. He earned his degree in Computer Engineering from a college in Pune, India and earned his Masters in Engineering from Bangalore. He says he was already discussing the idea of a home automation project with his friends when he found the challenge on twitter.

2nd place: $1,000


@sutheinwin lives in London and is originally from Myanmar. She currently operates an interior design company ( that does work for high-end clients and does quite a bit of work in kitchen designs. She does work with her husband who is an IT consultant and together they try to give their clients a new experience and a taste of the future.She credits that work with getting her interested in smart homes and connected devices.

She earned her BA in Textile Design from the Glasgow School of Art and her design was inspired but the desire to design something “beautiful and unobtrusive”, while still creating something viable and flexible enough for people to add almost any functionality they can think of.

1st place: $2,000


@anujdeshpande lives in India and earner his degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pune. He owns his own consulting and freelance firm, Makerville Solutions, and most of the projects he does involve open source, embedded Linux, cloud computing, embedded systems, design, and development.

The inspiration for his design came from his experience using Beaglebone Black on several projects and he became aware of the challenge when a friend of his saw it on twitter and showed him.

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