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Are you a maker or interested in making? See what services FirstBuild offers to the community that enables you to put your skills to work!

1) 3D Laser Printer Filament

3D Printing Filament

FirstBuild offers the use of our five 3D printers to the community! Come use our printer and filament to print your design today! Our MakerBots are user-friendly printers that can manufacture realistic prototypes and models on demand.

The printer is $2 for every 6 hours and the filament (pictured) is $0.10 per gram.

2) Universal Laser Systems Materials

Another great feature FirstBuild offers to anyone is our universal laser systems! Pictured is our supply rack of materials that can be purchased for the laser! Our laser can make etches and cuts on many different materials.

$2 per laser pass   1/4″ Wood=$1.30/sq ft   1/8″ Wood=$0.50 sq/ft.

3) Electronics Supplies

FirstBuild offers an entire wall of electrical supplies for a wide variety of projects! Some of the items include Raspberry Pi, electrical connectors, components, and even chargers! Every item is clearly listed with a description and price.

If you’re in the Louisville area, take advantage of our makerspace for all your projects! For more information on our makerspace, or to schedule a visit, click on our page!

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