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This week, many of the capstone projects that students have been working on came to a close and final presentations took place.

Among the final projects reviewed were the flip up laundry shelf, a de-wrinkle accessory for dryers, a cap touch fridge, the drink minder, clear ice, and an ADA refrigerator.

Flip Up Shelf

The idea for the flip up shelf originated from the frustrations of anyone that has ever lost a sock or underwear during the transfer from the washer to the dryer. Also, it prevents socks or other small articles of clothing from falling down to the dusty floor.  Check out the flip up shelf team’s final report.

Dryer Steamer (de-wrinkle accessory)

The Dryer Steamer team was tasked with creating a de-wrinkle accessory to accompany your dryer. This accessory would save space and add the convenience of always having it nearby as you’re doing laundry.

Drink Minder

The idea of the drink minder is to have a device that tracks how many beverages you have left as well as who has been drinking them. The application of this idea in a dorm room setting or shared living space is obvious…it’ll help keep your drinks from getting stolen by roommates. See their final report:

Captouch Fridge

The cap touch fridge is similar to the concept of an automatically opening car door. If your hands are full of groceries (or dirty from prepping food), you could open your fridge without setting anything down. Check out the results of the cap touch fridge team:

ADA Fridge

The idea for the ADA Fridge was to create a refrigerator that was accessible to individuals with disabilities. It would feature pull out shelves as well as a pull down compartment that would allow an individual to access their entire fridge. See how their fridge modifications work:

Clear Ice

The idea for clear ice came out of the recent trend in how people enjoy their beverages. Artisan ice has emerged in the market with ice molds and other products that help create anything from oversized cubes to Death Star shaped ice molds.

This team was working on a compact clear ice maker that could be included in a normal freezer. For their efforts, they were awarded the top prize, the Julius Wong Design Award.

“Clear ice can be created by flowing water over a freezing plate or compartment, ultrasonic pulsing or directional cooling, Bohm said. The team’s “solution principle involved the flowing water approach and utilized a sump and pump to create a stream of flowing water over the chilled cube shapes.”

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