What Is FirstBuild?

FirstBuild is a co-creation community that is changing the way products come to market. By letting a community influence the product from the very beginning, we can quickly deliver better products that improve the lives of our consumers. Backed by GE Appliances, FirstBuild has access to world-class engineering and design talent.

Our Process

What We Do

We invent a new world of home appliances by creating a socially-engaged community focused on the next great idea.

Ways you can be a part of our community

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We are a co-working space for anyone interested in innovating home appliances. Whether in our digital space or in our physical space, bring your ideas to the table and let's build it.

What's in it for me
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Think of it as a playground for adults. Our microfactory is a collaborative makerspace where ideas come to life. Use our tools and create your next big idea.

Use Our Microfactory
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Join our online co-create community and design the next innovative home appliance, or help others with their design. You can comment on existing projects, participate in a challenge, start your own team.

Share Your Ideas

Meet the Team

We are makers, brand ambassadors, engineers, and designers working together to innovate the next great home appliance.

Get to know us

FirstBuild is now open to the public. Click here to reserve a tool.